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Il y a 20 heures, Perrich LND a dit :

Amusant, ça fait quelques temps que je travaille sur le principe d'un Humbert sur la construction d'un portemonnaie triangulaire comme celui là.

Il est gimmické ?


Je dirais que non, mais ce n'est qu'une supputation.


Switching TriPurse is a triangular shape of purse with brown texture combine retro copper button full of old-fashioned and US western cowboy style. The purse was made by crazy horse leather, crazy horse leather is one of the best Leather in the world, can be used longer than others as time goes by, the surface texture becomes glossy. Finally sewed with sujet by manually improved the quality.

This purse can use with micro thing (like: coin, card, key, sponge etc …) performance production or unexpected switching movement, also you can use it as a normal coin purse, store your coins just fine and you will never mix up the normal coins and gimmick coin again. Store the coins in purse also avoid certain level of coin collision damaged and the dusts specifically when you carrying it out in your pocket. Designed and measured to fit for four Morgan dollar coins or a set of coin set (such as four coins one shell, hopping half, CSB set etc…).

The other similar product always having a same problem which is can not convincing the audience there is no tricky spot inside the purse, but in Switching Express you can totally spin off the purse and show to your audience to proof there is nothing in there, this will enhance the amazing in your performance as well.

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