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  • Date de naissance 28/03/1954

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    Biarritz (64) / FRANCE
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  1. Salut! Je vends "Dear mr fantasy" de John Bannon. 20 € FDPI.
  2. Salut! Je vends "Approaching magic" de David Regal. 45€ FDPI.
  3. Salut! Je vends "The Safwan Papers" de Bryn Reynolds 20€ FDPI. These effects primarily rely on psychological and verbal manipulation, as opposed to focusing on props or gimmicks. They are designed to be performed almost anywhere, at anytime, with either none, or very little, preparation. While the routine names may have been altered to so as not to tip any of the methodologies utilized, here is a brief description of each of the items: SEVEN – A one-card variant of the Kilossal Killer genre of effect...with one big difference: there are NO outs. NONE. The one-and-only prediction you place on the table before the routine begins will match the card the spectator envisions. Bold, raw, and almost always works. And in the rare occasions it doesn’t, you still get credit! BCK - By using real psychometry (and a clever subtlety) you, and perhaps a participant, will be able to determine the outcome of an experiment of several runs of “object placed under one of several items.” And if you want, you may show you predicted in writing the exact results. NO gimmicks at all, and everything is borrowed. YOUR LUCKY NITE – Hopefully, all are worth more than the price of admission, but this one seems to shine with a little more luster: an anytime-anyplace routine with a Bank Night flavor. Those whom I highly respect have said the following about this effect: BOHT: My pet. Please read my story why in the book. A subtle cultural difference has been refined & exploited to make the “Which Hand” type of effect a perfect success...but only once per performance...THE perfect out for when mechanical, physical, or psychological outs and tells may fail...and it stands as a methodology all on its own! ******STRING: Figure out the “asterisks,” if you will, but you will still enjoy the storyline and thinking behind it: A participant is brought back in time to an ancient carnival scam in which an entertaining story is told. By eliminating 4 out of 5 colored strings, she wins a very nice prize for the performer through her own FREE choices. No Equivique at all. NONE. In the interest of full-disclosure, SOME of you may have to buy a $20 prop, but most already have it. It is perfect. $4 Billet Index – It is what it is...The least you will ever spend on an invisible 8/16 billet index that renders all specialty Predator-type wallets unnecessary. Complete with photos on how to build one!
  4. Bonjour, je vends "Collectors Workshop Ball Vase Deluxe: limited edition" . 140 € FDPI.

    Gobelets en alu

    Les muscades ( il y en a 4 ) sont "fatiguées". 18€ FDPI.

    Lot hypnose

    Les "Rogue Hypnotist" sont en anglais et "Hypnose" d'Olivier Lockert en Français. 45€ FDPI.
  7. Salut! Je vends "Yokai" de Phill Smith. 20€ FDPI.
  8. Salut! Je vends "Mitox" de Phill Smith. 20€ FDPI.


    Salut! Je vends "Chtong". Quand on met le feu au cordon (flash)dans l'éclat de lumière la boite s'ouvre et au bout du ressort un index de carte,une prédiction... C'est un objet absolument PAS indispensable mais assez marrant et rare. 50€ FDPI.
  10. Salut! Je vends "The Unexpected Visitor" de Doug Brewer. 18€ FDPI.
  11. Salut! Je vends "Something from nothing" d'Angelo Stagnaro. C'est la version originale (donc en anglais) de "Ex Nihilo". 20€ FDPI.
  12. Salut, je vends "Digital effects,the magic of Joe Mogar" 65€ FDPI Magie des dés (thimbles)
  13. Salut! Je vends "The Golden Sphinx" de chez Magic Wagon. 100€ FDPI.
  14. Salut! Je vends l'"Encyclopédie des tours de cigarettes" de Keith Clark. 65€ FDPI.
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