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  1. Ring Flight Revolution je suppose ...
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  3. Comment sait-on si l'on est sélectionné ?
  4. Contactez-moi en MP si vous êtes intéressé par un volume en particulier !
  6. J'ai l'impression que c'est exactement la même chose que le YAMFACAAN de Paul Wilson, mais en moins bien !
  7. Bienvenue sur le forum ! Prof de quoi ? un lien avec la magie ?
  8. Bonjour à tous, Je vends la collection d'ebooks en pdf de Peter Turner sur divers sujets classique du mentalisme, avec l'approche créative et novatrice de Turner. C'est écrit en anglais. En tout, ces livres représentent plus de 1000 pages, dont la majorité des effets sont complètement nouveaux. Cela reviendrait normalement à 350$, j'en demande 175€, contactez-moi en mp ! Paypal de préférence. (possible de négocier pour certains volumes à l'unité, si quelqu'un est intéressé...) Vol 1. Psychological Card Forces In Volume 1 Peter Turner teaches you all the nuances of psychological card forces and most importantly how to make it hit every time. This eBook not just teach you a simple technique. In this 42 pages eBook you gonna learn how to force EVERY SINGLE PLAYING CARD just by using words. Imagine that you are able to force every single playing card without the use of a deck of cards. But it not stops there Peter Turner teaches you complete routines and details on psychological forcing. Peter even teach you how to force the Joker! Peter Turner one of the best mentalist in the world now and in this eBook he teaches you some of his hidden secrets that was never released anywhere else. Vol 2. Readings: In this volume Peter teaches techniques and methods about how to do a proper reading how to make it as surefire as it can be. This eBook teaches you techniques of Cold Reading by the master mentalist himself! Cold reading is a very underused technique but still it’s one of the strongest if not the strongest technique in the world of mentalism. Imagine you walk up to somebody and in without any gimmicks or props you are able to give a perfect personality reading to that person. In this eBook you will learn how to do that! But not just that Peter offers you complete routines that allow you to practice these techniques without any chance of failure Vol 3. Dual Reality This is the 3rd Volume of Peter Turner’s Mentalism Masterclass. This volume is dedicated to a very underused technique called Dual Reality. Peter Turner teaches you various techniques and help you to make Dual Reality an easy worker in your repertoire. In this 62 pages eBook you will learn awesome routines that you can go out and perform right away. No stone left unturned on the subject, every detail is well constructed and very easy to learn. Vol 4. Billets Peter Turner teach you the easiest and best billet peeks that you can imagine. Whatever information your spectator writes down you will know it and able the reveal it in any way you want. Billets is a 76 pages eBook and it teaches you the psychology of peeking many peeks and routines. You can make a complete act only with some billets and a pen. No stone left unturned in this project Peter Turner teach you every details of billet peeking and give you awesome routines. Whether you want to use slips of paper, or your business cards, you'll find methods and advice in this bumper edition of Peter Turner's mentalism course. Vol 5. Drawing Duplications This is Volume 5 of Peter Turner's Mentalism Master Class. In this volume Peter talks about Drawing Duplications. You will learn many routines and methods with Peter's insanely clever thinking on the plot! Peter talks about: - The psychology of drawing duplication - The wash principle - Abstract technique - Pencil reading - Indexing Peter teaches you many routines and he walks you through on all routines, methodology, additional ideas and techniques. Peter's teaching is crystal clear, no stones left unturned! If you are into mentalism this is a no brainer! Vol 6. Numbers This is the 6th Volume of Peter Turner’s Mentalism masterclass. This Volume is about Numbers. This is the only volume where Peter talks about his feelings and thoughts during the creation procedure so you have a chance to step in Peter’s everday life for some monents. As always Peter’s teaching is very enjoyable to read and very easy to understand. Effects included: Serial Killer: This is a prediction effect with a very cool story around it. The spectators make all the choices the can change their mind as many times they wish. This effect is very clean it pack small and plays huge! Cypher: In this effect the performer ask one spectator to think his pincode and another spectator to think a name. Both the pin code and the name is revealed in a unique way! Life Equation: This effect can be done over the phone anytime. The spectator is invited to create a special number that uses important numbers from his life. He have a free selection that makes a total. The performer able to reveal that number over the phone. Fate-Can: This effect is a comletely clean HANDS OFF ACAAN with a kicker ending that is just genius! Data Spaced: In this volume one of the contributors is he one and only Paul Brook. Data Spaced is an unbevlieveable 3 phases mind reading routine with a personal touch that the participant never foget. Numbers up: This is a contribution by Ben Cardall. Numbers up is a demonstration of insane memory skills. 61 Pages Vol 7. Psychological Forces LEARN HOW TO FORCE ANYTHING! The 7th Volume of Mentalism Masterclass is here! So far Vol 1. Psychological card forces was the most succesful eBook of the series. Based ont hat Peter Turner decided to dedicate one more volume of Psychological Forces. In this Volume Peter teach you how to force ANYTHING! Volume 7 covers how to force places, numbers,countries, names even imaginery dice throw outcomes and many more. In this volume there are many contributions you will learn routines from Morgan Stebler, Pablo Amira, Sean Waters, Art Vanderlay and Rus Andrews. Peter Turner gives additional commentary for all the routines. This eBook is 80 pages and contains the folowing: -Piggybacking Principle -Forcing places / countries -The pause and restrict principle -Creating Psychological Forces -Invisible Dice Force -Psychological force on a name -The Wash Principle -The increment force -The Nando’s Principle -Outs for psychological forces -Utilizing Mathematical means to create psychological forces -Lead and pace But it not ends here! The eBook contains many routines utilizing the principles that thaught. Routines included: Surreal Book by Pablo Amira The Wonderland Principle by Mirjin Al Hajri Red Triangle by Seamus Maguire Sticky by Morgan Stebler Psychological Force by Rus Andrews Celebrity Deathmatch by Jose Prager Corridor by Sean Waters The Memory of Trees by Art Vanderlay Psychological Forces by Peter Turner eBook 80 pages Vol 8. Character Building and Storytelling This is the 8th Volume of Peter Turner’s Mentalism Master Class and one of the most interesting. This volume is about Character building and Storytelling. From one of the world’s top mentalist probably this is one of the most valuable information you can learn! In this volume Peter Turner talk’s about the following topics: Why is finding your character is so important? Do you have to tell stories in your act? How to construct a story Philip Larkin’s rule of thirds Do people believe it? What makes someone fake? Being believeable PDE vs. MDE The Fortune Cookie Little methaphorical moments Beautiful symphony The Approach The Shakes This is a 49 page PDF Instant Download with one of the most (if not the most) valuable information on this topic its highly recommended for everybody who want to be a better performer and a believable character as a mentalist. Vol 9. Star Sign This is Volume 9 of Peter Turner’s Mentalism Masterclass and this volume is about star Sign Divination. Peter Turner teach you different methods to do the cleanest Star Sign Divination that you can imagine. The teaching is crystal clear no stones left unturned. In this eBook you will find methods, routines and everything that you need to perform the strongest Zodiac routines. 127 pages PDF Instant Download The content: Monkeying around –Zodiac Anagram Additional Thoughts - Elliot Watson, Alan Nu, Robert Watkins The Bob Principle – Hearting Stars Additional Ideas – Mark Chandaue Lia, Liar, Truth Teller Additional Idea – Colin McLeod A Simple Divination Truly invisibly visible (THIS IS THE HOLY GRAIL!!! You will love this one so much!) Truly invisibly visible 2 Be controversial – Think backwards Eye to Eye Star-sign Revelation The Frame Nod to star sign Mark Chandaue additional idea Derren’s repeat it in your mind principle The wash principle Passing star Mixing principles Paul Voodini – A happy Birthday A little poem – Stephen Young Zodiattack – Alain Nu Dominic Daly – Simple and elegant Zodiac Wheel – Pablo Amira The Zodiac Divination – Andreas Sebring NLP meta programs NLP and MBTI The VCR Zodiac Sign Test – Dale A. Hildebrandt BIRTHDATED – Dale A. Hildebrandt Purloined letters – Pat Schlagel Stolen Stars – Luca Volpe Seeing Signs – Fraser Parker with additional subtleties from Peter Turner TWO WAY verbal reductive OUT from Peter Turner Zodiac – Christian Chelman Zodiac Plus – Additional idea Christian Chelman Vol 10. Observational Mentalism This is the 10th Volume of Peter Turner's Mentalism Masterclass. Join Peter Turner in an exploration of "Observational Mentalism" If you like Mentalism that is simple and uses less known psychological techniques, this is for you! Observe, watch carefully for subtle cues and read minds like no other. Open your eyes, open your mind and get this eBook full with new applications and effects that look incredible and at the same time, credible Mentalism. Not just ideas and routines from Peter, but also contributions from Fraser Parker, Ben Cardall, Kenton Knepper and more! 131 pages of content, waiting you for you. Vol 11 Hypno Effects **This book teaches the illusion of hypnosis; you DON'T NEED to be a hypnotist to perform these mind blowing effects.** Hypnosis is one of the purest and real forms of mentalism; in essence you are apparently a true master of mind control, with the ability to make anyone do anything you wish. With great power comes great responsibility. From mentalism effects with a hypnosis flavour, to self working hypnosis-esque miracles, it's all in here. If you have followed the rest of the monthly course volumes, you'll know that each month is packed with effects, routines, principles and ideas from a range of perspectives. This month we have contributions from Anthony Jacquin, Andrew Gerard, James Brown, Robert Watkins, Fraser Parker, Brandon Queen and more! This is another epic contribution to mentalism from PT and is not to be missed! As always, we're opening the pre-order approximately one week before the book releases. To guarantee your spot on this month's course, be sure to place your order now. 175 Pages
  9. Si quelqu'un est intéressé par une commande groupée, envoyez un mp à @Anonym'As ou moi-même pour réduire les frais de port ! Sam
  10. Voilà tout est dans le titre... Je compte m'offrir cette montre comme récompense à moi-même après avoir passé le concours que je prépare. Cependant, mon concours est le 18-19 février alors que la campagne pour la montre s'arrête le 15, donc je prends de l'avance. Parmi vous, qui est intéressé par une commande groupée pour amortir les frais de port ? Sam (P-S: je ne sais pas si le sujet est dans la bonne rubrique, donc si les admins pensent le contraire, n'hésitez pas à le déplacer!)
  11. Le Sansminds portefeuille ressemble un peu à ça je crois ! Après je ne connais pas sa qualité...
  12. Oui mais étant donné que Sansminds a tendance à passer sous silence les défauts de leurs productions dans les trailers, s'ils ne l'ont pas fait ici c'est que ça doit être très très dur à camoufler
  13. Si ça flashe à ce point sur le trailer ... je ne donne pas cher de sa peau en vrai !
  14. Génial ! et savez-vous pourquoi l'as de pique est quasiment tout le temps le plus décoré et enjolivé ? Cela remonte probablement au XVIIIe siècle : dans les colonies britanniques qui ne sont pas encore les Etats-Unis, le gouvernement en métropole imposait des lourdes taxes pour financer ses guerres (Guerre de Sept ans notamment) et La présence militaire sur ses colonies. Quelques mois après le "Sugar Act", le célèbre "Stamp Act" de 1765 imposé une forte taxation sur tous les produits de papier (journaux, livres, cartes à jouer). À chaque fois qu'un colon acquiert un de ces objets, il doit le faire marquer par un tampon spécial indiquant qu'il a payé la taxe. Ainsi, sur les jeux de cartes, seule la carte de la face du jeu était tamponnée... l'as de pique ! Après l'abrogation de cette taxe, le tampon symbolique s'est peu à peu transformé, et l'as de pique à toujours été dessiné plus esthétiquement que les autres ! Sam
  15. Bonjour, Je recherche les Notes de conférence de Jonathan Kamm (2015 Lecture notes). Envoyez-moi un MP si vous souhaiter vous en séparer, Merci !

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