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Une idée en passant.......pq ne pas rajouté à ce Forum , et je trouve ca original une rubrique comme celle la, mais en version francaise bien entendudans laquelle des magiciens, et pas des moindres, viennent discuter de leur histoire, projets etc..

1 fois par mois ca serait très bien.

Je pense a JJ Sanvert, Bloom, Vaquera, Mirouf...

Je trouve ca bien moi ! et vous ?



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Je viens de tester la Google toolbar pour traduire les pages du Magic café, je suis étonnamment surpris...C'est relativement bien traduit et on comprend la totalité des messages...Bon plan...Je n'aurais jamais cru que cela aurait été aussi efficace...Faites le si vous n'avez pas la Toolbar, c'est ici =>



Hard to learn, hard to master.

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  • 1 année plus tard...

Steve Brooks a bien trop besoin de son forum pour partir comme ca :)

Il a poste le message suivant sur genii:

Greetings one and all - yes obviously The Magic Café is currently off-line. I deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused for our loyal members and wonderful sponsors.

Given the server crash we experieced a few months back I can certainly understand the frustration being felt by those who depend on the Café for one reason or another. Believe me when I say that the feeling is mutual. [Roll Eyes]

During the last 24 hours we have been working steady to restore the site and have everything back up and running again in the shortest amount of time possible. However, we do want to be sure we have things sorted out properly before going live again.

We have implemented a few changes. For starters we have replaced our hardrives with brand new units and have updated all our server software as well. [smile]

That said, we are now in the process of restoring all our data, which includes member profiles, postings made, etc. Because of circumstances beyond my control, we did lose a few days worth of information. The bright side is that in theory we should have everything restored up until December 8th - not too bad considering the seriousness of the current system failure.

Having said all that, I do want you to know that both the previous system crash and the recent shutdown had nothing to do with our hosting company GMB Webworks, but rather the server farm we lease the equipment from - we are making changes that hopefully will insure this sort of thing does not happen again. However, as with all technology - nothing is guaranteed.

Finally, please realize that we are a small operation, yet cater to a large group of people. We do not have the resources of big firms (e.g,, Google, etc) and can only do our best. Yet I take comfort in knowing that even the big boys have had their share of system failures, crashes and the like.

I want to thank Richard and company for giving me the opportunity to let you all know we are working hard to being The Magic Café back online. I also want to thank those who frequent the Café on a daily basis for all your kind emails and phone calls - yooz da best. [smile]

Best wishes always - Steve Brooks

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