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The retreat gift pack ( Costa Rica)

Frédéric HÔ

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Je vends un des 150 coffrets 'The retreat gift pack de Costa Rica, en rupture de stock aujourd'hui. 

Il comprend 5 livrets de:

- Joshua Jay

- Dani DaOrtiz

- Benjamin Earl

- Andi Gladwin 

- Paul Vigil

+ 2 jeux de cartes Dapper Deck hors série. 



Le tout est comme neuf. 

Prix vendu: 130 € fdpi


Voici l'intitulé:

Featuring Dani DaOrtiz, Paul Vigil, Benjamin Earl, Joshua Jay, and Andi Gladwin. Only 150 of these sets were ever made and they will never be available again. Once they are gone, that's it.

The Retreat was an exclusive three-day event in Costa Rica in which magicians gathered for an intensive three-day, deep-dive into the intricacies of close-up magic. The Retreat sold out in 72 hours and, for those who were there, it was a transformative experience.

If you weren't there, the next-best thing is to get a complete run-down of what went on, which was a collection of material available only to attendees...and now you. We are offering just 150 The Retreat Gift Packs. These are the same sets given to each attendee of The Retreat. The luxurious custom-designed box has cut-outs for:

Two limited-edition Dapper Decks, one in navy blue and one in Jerry's Nugget Orange

A gorgeous piece of custom artwork, in a perspex infinity frame

Five Booklets of incredible material from the performers, never released in this form elsewhere

Joshua Jay's Triptych is a livret featuring three new, unpublished, impromptu card routines. This is the ONLY place to learn Joshua's newest material, which involves nothing but a deck of cards. You'll learn how to apparently flash-memorize a deck of cards, an impromptu, signed-card version of Guy Hollingworth's "Cassandra Quandary", and "Overclocked," one of the hit tricks of The Retreat, in which a spectator finds four Aces from a deck they shuffle.

Andi Gladwin's Personal Revelations is the accumulation of a lifetime's pursuit into the classic effect of Multiple Selection. Andi traces this effect back to its surprising roots, and offers several unique revelations, ideas to routine them together, and an entirely new take on this classic. If you've ever studied this routine, Andi's new livret is essential reading.

Dani DaOrtiz's Semi-Automatic is a terrific new collection detailing the ideas behind a clever card concept Dani often uses that requires no sleight-of-hand. If you're a fan of Dani DaOrtiz, consider this his newest, rarest book.

Paul Vigil's Icons is the full coin routine that Paul often uses in his professional work. It's a stunning routine, and extremely hard to find.

Benjamin Earl's Real Magic is two essays and two sleights, which together build on Ben's magical worldview. A lovely trip into the psychology of a master sleight-of-hand artist.

Every element of the Retreat Pack fits perfectly into the collector's presentation box, and everything is branded with Costa Rican floral prints, to celebrate the exotic location of The Retreat. When these are sold out they will NOT be reprinted, and so this is your only chance to collect and study this invaluable, rare material.


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