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Alexandre SCOTTO

[Tour] Signed and Sealed Card de Shawn FARQUHAR

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Si si, c'est en bonus cache dans la video :))

Pour en revenir a l'effet, les techniques utilisees sont similaires. en revanche, la methode pour resceller le jeu est differente car dans ma version elle est examinable :)

Par contre, Shawn utilise un joli gimmick de disparition de jeu similaire a ce qui existait deja dans d'autres tours, et parfaitement adapte a cette routine. Je dois reconnaitre que c'est tres bien pense :)

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Réponse de Shawn

Still working on a way to release it. I had a long talk with two distributors this Summer. I will most likely release it in a very different way then any other product has been released. Still waiting for the sales of Extended Stay to slow down anyways.

For now I have released an effect called RSVP, ReSealed Verified Pack. It is 85% of the trick with a whole lot less hassle. It's currently only available via Penguin Magic's online lecture series. I will soon reshoot the single effect as a downloadable video.

The premise of RSVP is that when you buy a deck of cards they are in new deck order but that is not how they leave the factory. I explain that cards are just thrown into a box and sort themselves out while in transit to the store. I open a new deck, remove jokers and premium cards and shuffle the remaining cards. Using just six cards (three red and three black) I demonstrate how they won't remain mixed (oil/water) routine. I then go further saying they can be face up and down too and demonstrate a triumph routine. Finally I have the spectator shuffle the cards, face up into face down multiple times and have one card removed and set aside without anyone viewing the suit or value. This shuffled deck is place into the case and the case is signed by the spectator and held in their hands. When they open their hands the pack is found to have ReSealed itself. The outside of the Pack is Verified to to be Sealed. (ReSealed Verified Pack = RSVP). The spectator breaks the seal, opens the deck and confirms the deck is in new deck order without the jokers or premium cards and of course the one previously removed card is absent too...

It's a powerful effect with many phases and lots of moments of strong magic. It is within the technical reach of almost anyone who can handle and shuffle a deck of cards. It can be done standing without tables and will play well for a single person or a huge crowd.

It's not the effect everyone wants me to release but it's pretty close...

Sorry it's not the one you were hoping for ... but I am woking on it... slowly...

*working not woking, although I do like Asian food...




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