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Je vend le lot de livres neuf suivant :

The Royal Road to Card Magic by Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue

Would you like to confound your friends, amaze your acquaintances, amuse and dazzle crowds at parties and gatherings? Mastering a few card tricks will allow you to do all that and more. With the help of this book, anyone can develop a versatile repertoire of first-rate card tricks.

In fact, mastery of just the first chapter will enable you to perform a half-dozen astounding and entertaining sleights of hand.

The authors, both noted authorities on magic, present complete, easy-to-understand explanations of shuffles, flourishes, the glide, the glimpse, false shuffles and cuts, the pass, the classic force and many other techniques.

These will enable card handlers to perform over 100 mind-boggling feats of card magic, including Thought Stealer, Gray's Spelling Trick, Do As I Do, Now You See It, Obliging Aces, Rapid Transit, Kangaroo Card, A Tipsy Trick and dozens of others.

Illustrated with more than 120 clear line drawings that make the explanations easy to follow, this exciting introduction to card conjuring will enable even beginners to develop professional-level skill and the ability to perform tricks guaranteed to astound family and friends.


The Magic Book: The Complete Beginners Guide to Anytime, Anywhere Close-Up Magic 2nd Edition

The Magic Book: The Complete Beginners Guide to Anytime, Anywhere Close-Up Magic 2nd Edition
by Harry Lorayne

"The Magic Book" reveals the secrets of magicians―the simple techniques that will enable anyone to perform seemingly complicated magic tricks with relative ease. Clearly written and heavily illustrated―there are over 200 illustrations in all―this book guides you through the basic principles of magic using only common household items: a deck of cards, coins, rubber bands, and even a potato. The author then provides simple step-by-step instructions for hundreds of amazing tricks which he has perfected after forty years of painful trial and error. HERE ARE SOME OF THE SECRETS YOU WILL LEARN: CONTROLLING THE ORDER OF CARDS THROUGHOUT ANY NUMBER OF SHUFFLES PUSHING A STRAW THROUGH A POTATO MAKING KNOTS EVAPORATE MAKING COINS PASS THROUGH A HANDKERCHIEF PREDICTING NUMBERS THAT ANY SPECTATOR WILL GIVE YOU ADDING ANY 5-DIGIT NUMBERS INSTANTLY FINDING ANY CARD IN A DECK, SHUFFLING THE DECK AND FINDING THE CARD AGAIN ... AND MUCH, MUCH MORE! To help new magicians develop their techniques, Harry Lorayne provides a special “afterthought” section at the end of each magic trick where he discusses possible problems that most beginners have with the trick he has just explained. In addition to the practical instruction, Lorayne provides the philosophy of magic as it has never been taught before.


The Malini Egg Bag - Ken Brooke livret

The Malini Egg Bag is a beautiful prop designed by Charlie Miller. Professionals around the world use this item and regard it as one of their finer tricks.
Ken Brooke, who knew a good trick when he saw one, went further with his bag, working out new ideas and routines, talking it over with top close up people overseas, and as a result they produced this book.
Then Pete Biro made rough sketches and notes that he in turn gave to Sid Lorraine. Sid did the marvelous illustrations that take you thru every word of the Manuscript.
The Malini Egg Bag is a great trick - Ken Brooke's ideas embellish and adorn it to make it even greater. Don't miss this manuscript if you intend to perform the Malini Egg Bag!


Magic Page by Page

L'excellent livre de Patrick Page avec plein de pépites!

The 1st Edition Hardback version of Magic Page by Page by Patrick Page was published at the end of November 2011 and the 1,000 copies printed were sold out in May 2013. Thank you to everyone who bought the book and said such nice things about it.

The 2nd Edition has now been printed and is available to purchase exclusively from Patrick Page Magic. We took on board your comments about the weight of the book and the cost of shipping it to you and have created a softback version which is significantly lighter than the hardback version. All the costs of paper and printing have gone up since we printed the 1st Edition to make the 2nd Edition more expensive for us, we have reduced the price of the book to £40 sterling to keep the book affordable and it compares very favourably with other magic books published over the last 10 years.

The soft back version is still a very big book, lavishly illustrated with 328 pages, 12″ x 9″ in size, jam packed with great magic effects and advice and advice on how to perform them from one of the magic’s greatest teachers. It contains details of the routines that Patrick regularly performed and from which he earned a living over the last 60 years.

We have used the same quality paper as before and just replaced the hard cover with a soft cover to get the weight of the book down. We have passed on those savings in postage / shipping to you.

What is different about the new 2nd Edition version?

The book is just the same as the 1st edition hardback version with the following changes:

• We added a few people to the list of people whose help with the book we wished to acknowledge and who weren’t included in the first edition.

• We added a few extra photos in the book of Patrick

• We made a few corrections to some very minor errors that were spotted in the 1st edition

That’s it. We haven’t changed any of the words. It is exactly as Patrick wrote it. We would have risked being struck down by a bolt of lightning had we dared!

What’s in the book? Well what isn’t in it?

Well there are chapters on cards, stacked decks, coins, the Miser’s Dream and palming, use of sponge balls, ropes, thumb tips, paper tearing and restoring, silks, purse frame etc., dealer delights such as Cord A Cup, Easy Money, Patrick’s version of the 3 Card Monte, Money Bag, Old Moore’s Diary, the Hanky Panky Cloth, the Topit Vanisher, Comedy Magic, Misdirection, Spectator assistance and much much more.

Below is a non exhaustive list of some of the money topics covered by Patrick in his book.

Chapter 1 Cards

Cards to Pocket – Patrick’s own take on a classic piece of card magic.

The Continuous Do As I Do – an effect performed by Patrick over many years starting off as a quickie, close-up card trick to its eventual handling, featuring entertaining audience participation.

An Impromptu Vanish – the ideal effect for anyone who already performs card manupulations.

Beyond Coincidence – “strolling magic” which requires no preparation, just a deck of cards.

Patrick Page’s Card in Wallet – a spectator takes a card from a pack of cards, marks it with initials and the card is revealed from a zipped wallet.

One, Two, Three, It’s Yours – an unexpected method of producing a previously selected card from a pack of cards.

Heba Haba Magic – Patrick Page’s version of what was his favourite trick.

The Davenport Deception – a visual effect involving a card under a coin changing to a selected card.

The PrincESP Card Trick – a variation of the Hardin Princess Card Trick, with E,S,P cards.

Three Cards Across – a classic card effect involving 3 cards travelling from one pack to another.

Princess Quatro – based on the Hardin Princess Card Trick with a climax which is more surprising than the original.

Peg It – producing a selected card and clipping it between the jaws of a clothes peg.

Jumbo One in the Middle – a modern version of an effect devised by Patrick Page in the 1950’s, with Jumbo cards.

Big Money Aces – a card trick with a surprise finish.

The Top Change – how to perform the top change with a pack of cards.

The Unknown Soldier’s Card Trick – a card trick based on an idea given to Patrick Page by Ken de Courcy (and shown to him by an American soldier in North Africa during the 2nd World War).

The Multiple Colour Change – Patrick Page’s interpretation of the famous Dai Vernon Tenkai Palm colour change.

The Pageboy Card Switch – a move enabling you to switch one card for another while the card is lying down on the table face down.

Chapter 2 The Stacked Deck

Information on stacked decks and ideas on how to use them as part of a routine

The PaPa System

Things You Should Know About a Stacked Deck

Handling a Stacked Deck


Other Revelations


The Face-Up Revelation

Multiple Revelations

The Probe

Pocketed Cards

The Fernandez Miracle

Calling the Cards

The Pocket Card Index

Ted Danson’s Diary Trick

The Ultimate Variation: Old Moore’s Diary – Patrick Page’s own diary trick.

The Four Packets – Parts 1 and 2.


At a Number

The PaPa System Plus Si Stebbins

The Estimated Cut


Think A Card


Name a Number

And Again

The Faro/Weave/Butt/Shuffle

Avoiding the Peek

Chapter 3 Coins

No Lap Coins Through Table & The Hang Ping Chien Move

The Big Coin Production

The Complete Coin Miracle

Spellbound Climax

The Pull Back Coin Vanish

A Coin Interlude

A Coin Vanish

The Sleeve Dropper

A La Malini

Coins Coins Coins

Chapter 4 The Miser’s Dream

The Bucket and Coins

The Necessary Sleights

The T Nelson Downs “Palm”
The Classic Palm

The Thumb Palm

The Pull Back

The Drop Plus Finger Palm

The Back Clip

The Left Hand

The Basic Routine

Coin Holders

In Lieu of the Coin Holder

The Effect


The Chanin Coin Production and Variation on the Chanin Theme.

Chapter 5 Miscellaneous: Sponge Balls, Ropes, Silks etc.

The tour d'entrée

Glass of Liquid Production

The Sponge Ball Routine

The Bowl Routine

The Sleeve Dodge

The Purse Frame

The Burned and Restored Bill in Wallet

The Ten Second Paper Tear

The Colour Changing Handkerchief

Bare Hand Silk Production

Dyeing the Silks

One More Torn and Restored Paper

A Thumb Tip Tip

The Al Koran Thimble Routine

Lighter Thru Table

Tambo Tambo

The Borrowed Finger Ring

The Purse Switch

The Pageboy Ball Vanish

The Cut and Restored Rope

The Everlasting Cut and Restored Rope

Three to One Rope Trick

The Rope Rope Rope Trick

With a Thumb Tip

Chapter 6 Dealer’s Delights

Easy Money – turning paper into money. Patrick Page’s most well known trick but one that many do not realise that he was the inventor.

One in the Middle – the first effect marketed by Patrick Page (invented in 1955)

The Colour Changing Jumbo

The Golden Girdle

Cord –A-Cup



Copycat Cards

The Fifty – Fifty Cards

Double Mirage – Parts 1 and 2.

One More Time

Repeat Flag Production

Patrick’s Hatrick

A Handful of Magic

Chameleon Clown

The Invisible Chicken

Topsy Turvy Candle

Money Bag

Clink Coins


The Mini Money Miracle

The Big Four

The Noddy Handkerchief

Funny Bunny

The Hanky Panky Cloth

Patrick Page’s Ringstick

The Brainbuster Deck

Cash Catch

Chapter 7 Topit

Full instructions and tips on how to use the Topit Vanisher. Patrick included the Topit Vanisher in all of his routines.

Chapter 8 Patrick Page’s Comedy Magic

Information on more comedy gags and effects than you will ever need but almost certainly something to suit everyone in this Chapter.

Below is a list of topics included in this Chapter.

The Magic Box

The Vanishing Birdcage

The Vanishing Apple

Val’s tour d'entrée

Tearing It Up

An Alternative

The Handyman


Arrivederci Magic

Colour Blind?

A Colour Change

The Electric Deck

A Flashy Gag

Sharp As A Knife

A Flaming Candle


Bang Bang


A Prediction


Smoke Gets Everywhere

From Down Under

The Portable Cow

The Shot Knot

Smoke Smoke Smoke

A Cigarette Twist

Expensive Prop

No Smoking

The Buttonhole

The Vanishing Handkerchief

Sock It

The Legend

The Acrobatic Glove

The Flash Box

The Egg Trick


H.G. Wells Outdone

Striking It Lucky

God Bless Cardini

A Tissue of…?

Tale of a Fish

Jay’s Tale

A Con Trick

The Vanishing (?)

Another T & R Paper

The Breakaway Wand

See The Pretty Thing

Those Blinking Rings

The Electric Deck, Again

A Feat of Magic

Spots Off

A Sticky Moment

A Hat Trick

Billy’s Thimble

Up Up Up Up Up

Cue For Magic

That Rope Trick

And Another

The Indian Rope Trick


Home James

Half and Half

The Eye Card Trick

Wrong Card Right Card

A Table Tip



A Plate

The Boomerang Card

Name A Card 1

Ditto 2

Ditto 3

The Card Is?

The Windbag

The Diminishing Handkerchief

A Dodgy Rope

A Dodgy Rope 2

The Cannonball Illusion

All Seeing Blindfold

Baby Baby



Smoke Signals

Breakaway Props

Breakaway Wand

Breakaway Spoon

Breakaway Gun

Breakaway Fan

Breakaway Box

Breakaway Scissors

Just A Thought

Breakaway Breakaway

It’s My Turn Now

Rabbit, Where Art Thou?

Card In Wallet

A Green Pair?

Obedient Cards

The Flat Rabbit

The Baby Gag

Hanky Panky 1

Hanky Panky 2

Dowler’s Rings

A Coin Trick

It’s Handy

Good Evening

Pocket Magic

A Hole in One

Blank Him

Sleightly Different



19 different Comedy Props

Chapter 9 Misdirection

Ideas on misdirection

A Ball Vanish

The Big Steal

Card Under the Ashtray

Chapter 10 Now They See It

Effects concerned with a spectator assisting the performer.

The Vanishing and Reappearing Saucer

The Early Version

Card on Forehead

Clayton Rawson

Which Hand Is It In?


On The Back

Bonus Genus

Another Version

With a Balloon

Dr Giovanni’s Card on Back

Paper Balls Over the Head

The Egg Bag

The Vanishing Liquid

Variation 1

Variation 2

The Pitchman Routine

Six Inches More

The Eye Chart

This is the Big Time

The Coin Vanish

The Knotted Handkerchiefs

Appendix – Interview of Patrick Page by Matt Field, editor in April 2007 for The Magic Circular, the monthly magazine of The Magic Circle.

The book has been described as “a career changing book”. Full of wit and wisdom, Magic Page by Page is Patrick’s life’s work in magic, a virtual omnibus of his magic inventions, written down for posterity.

Thanks to Matt Field and Michael Albright (editor and designer respectively), it’s also a stylish, elegant book that’s easy to read.

Published by the family (at Patrick’s request), the price for sales in the USA and the Rest of the World inclusive of shipping / postage and packing is £60.

This is approximately US $ 79.5.

Please make payment by Paypal.

We will try to ship to you the next working day. To keep the cost of sending the book to you to a minimum, we message to USA by air mail (printed paper rate).

We have included comments from some of our customers about the 1st Edition of Magic Page by Page. Please note that the 2nd edition is cheaper and not as heavy. Here’s what Simon Drake, star and creator of The Secret Cabaret and The House of Magic had to say about the new Magic Page by Page book by Patrick Page

“Magic Page by Page” by Patrick Page

‘If a person was starting out in magic and this book was the only one they ever had, the wisdom and simplicity therein would be sufficient to become a first-rate entertainer’

Simon Drake, January 2012

critique of the Book

We are grateful to Dave Goulding who has just written (5th December 2011) the following critique of the book for the Aberdeen Magical Society’s in-house magazine Pisces and given us permission to use it. We have also included a critique received from Pat Fallon in Dublin (9th December 2011). Thanks Pat for generously allowing us to include it below for your enjoyment.

Magic Page By Page

Today was a good day. Yes, it’s Monday; yes, the temperature never got above freezing; yes,

the economy is staggering along but no matter because the Postie delivered my copy of “Magic

Page by Page”!

Now those of you that know me will be aware of my admiration for the greatly missed Pat, so I

will do my best to rein in my emotions and try my damnedest to give you an impartial and

subjective critique of this book.

Let’s start with the physical aspects. It is big at 12.5″ by 9.5″. There are about 330 pages of

excellent quality heavy matt art paper, bound in hardback with a glossy dust sheet. Many pages

are lavishly illustrated with explanatory photographs of the Page Boy himself while others have

lovely line drawings and even publicity-type photos of Pat. It is beautiful to look at.

Anyone who is familiar with Pat’s work will already be acquainted with his clear, direct writing

style. There are very few words wasted when an effect is being explained but the subject is

always fully covered. I must give a huge credit to Matthew Field who has done a wonderful job

of editing Pat’s work.

In the cover notes, the book is described as Pat’s magnum opus and it is certainly that. The

contents would take far too long to discuss but let me assure you that anything that you ever

saw Pat do, heard him lecture about or read in any of the publications that he produced (or

contributed to) will be covered here. In fact, there are more than two hundred tricks, moves and

bits of business covered.

There is enough material in here to last for several careers. Every aspect, style and genre of

magic is covered from cards and coins through to stage via strolling, parlour and restaurants.

There truly is something for everyone here.

There are a couple of things that puzzle me about this book. The first is the price. Including

postage (in the case of the parcel delivered to me, £4.41) and packaging, it costs only £53*. That

is astonishingly cheap for what you get. The other thing that frankly amazes me is that the book

was published as it is. I believe that it could easily have been split into two or even three

volumes. Now don’t get me wrong; this is not a complaint. I just think that it is an extremely

generous gesture by the publishers!

In saying that, I do hope that they come across some more forgotten or unpublished material as

I really don’t want to think that this will be the last ever Pat Page book.

So to sum up: don’t even think about it: go to the Patrick Page Magic website (details below)

now. Order it, read it and I promise that you will keep going back to it. I sincerely believe that

this will rank with Tarbell and Wilson as a ‘must have’ in any magic library. Buy it now, get a first

edition and enjoy your investment! DG

Magic Page By Page by Patrick Page. £53* inc. P&P from

* Unfortunately since this critique was printed, the message Office has increased its postal charges and we have had to increase the price of the book to £55 in the UK to reflect this. It is a heavy book weighing just under 2 kilos.

Note from Patrick Page Magic – the price for delivery to the Rest of Europe is £63 inc P&P.

critique from Pat Fallon in Dublin (9th December). Thanks Pat for allowing us to including this critique.

This morning I felt very sorry for my postman as I saw him heading to my front door in the wind and rain with as rather large package under his arm. Despite feeling sorry for him I was happy to see him struggling, as I knew he was delivering my much anticipated copy of Page by Page.

Nothing could have prepared me for what was inside the brown cardboard packing, not even the preview material I had seen at the International Convention a couple of weeks ago. It is a magnificent large format volume of some three hundred and twenty seven pages, full of Patrick Page’s routines, stories, observations, tips, advice and photographs, all beautifully laid out in a way that makes it a joy to read.

The design work by Michael Albright is just wonderful and you could not ask for a better editor than Matthew Field which makes this a truly beautiful piece of work and everything the author would have expected it to be. It is a fitting tribute to a man who did so much to further the careers of so many of the magicians like myself currently working all over the world.

Anybody who has witnessed Patrick Page in action would know what to expect in the way of tricks and routines, but it’s all the other extra stuff you get that makes this such and enjoyable and educational read. This book was a gift to myself to be read over the Christmas Holiday, but I could not resist delving into it to savour some of the contents and these are just two of the many gems I discovered.

Chapter Two dealing with the stacked asks the question “A spectator takes a card and you immediately know it’s name, now what. They name a card and you instantly know it’s position in the deck, now what. They call out a number and you can tell then what card is at that position, now what” not only does Patrick Page ask the question, but thankfully he gives you the answers.

Chapter Ten is entitled ‘Now they see it’ which is probably the most comprehensive collection of tricks where everybody, but the spectator on stage, knows what is happening except him. Tricks like the Paper Balls over the Head and Card on Forehead are just two of the many items dealt with in this chapter which was for me alone worth the asking price.

I was very lucky to have personally known Pat and any time spent with him was always a joy. It was his other ‘Big Book of Magic’ the really got me started, which he always maintained was regrettable, that he had to bear the burden of responsibility for me inflicting pain on the general public.

I do have two major regrets about the book, one being that Patrick never lived to see his masterpiece published and the other is that unlike all the other Patrick Page material in my library it will never bear his signature. You may be gone but this book will ensure you are never forgotten.

Pat Fallon 9th December 2011


Mamma Mia Rope Routine livret

Soft covers, staple bound, 16 pages.
Over the years, Aldo Colombini has contributed many great effects to magic, but this may well be his piece de resistance! Combining a handful of principles already in use with a number of entirely new concepts, he has developed a rope routine that allows one to casually, almost unknowingly break the laws of physics at every turn!

A 6 foot length of rope is cut and restored, then melts into two pieces of rope once more, only to be restored in the blink of an eye! It is then chopped and restored, fused into an unending loop, split into three unequal pieces, the stretched into three equal pieces! These pieces are tied together, whereupon one knot vansihes, and the other slides right off the end of the rope! Finally, that knot is tossed back onto the rope, then pops off into the audience at the magician's command, and all may be examined!


Gary Kurtz: Unexplainable Acts

L'excellent livre de Gary Kurtz

Unexplainable Acts by Richard Kaufman is something of a cult classic and it is finally back in print!

The elusive Gary Kurtz is known as one of the great minds in close-up, and this is his only hardbound collection. Although a thin volume, the book is densely packed with outstanding, visual magic that has influenced the current crop of parlor-friendly close-up magic. You’ll learn classic stand-up coin effects like “Trio,” and magic with rings, envelopes, cards and more.

Contents of Unexplainable Acts
Hypothetical Possibilities
Constant Return
Wishful Thinking
Split Decision
Body Heat
Four Fisted
Special Delivery
Name It!
The Anticipator
The Empty Hand
Coming Out Ahead
Artistic Licence
All Together
Mirror Image

Le tout (4 livres neuf + 2 booklets neufs) pour 92 euros frais de port inclus. 







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    • J'ai l'impression qu'il est heureusement tout de même plus fréquent que l'on se "soutienne" entre magiciens que l'inverse. En close-up, il m'est arrivé quelques fois de tomber sur des jeunes qui voulaient faire les malins parce qu'ils avaient dû faire un peu de magie durant quelques mois et commençaient à expliquer aux autres où regarder, etc., mais il suffit en général de les mettre "à l'honneur" de façon bienveillante avec une phrase du genre "Ah, lui connaît le secret, mais puisqu'il est aussi magicien, il ne vous le dira pas !" puis de faire un tour qui les bluffe bien fort (voire de leur demander de nous assister parce qu'ils sont un peu dans le secret, etc.) La tuile, à mes yeux, c'est plutôt le vrai magicien qui est bienveillant, mais qui ne vous prévient pas qu'il est magicien et qui va avoir une réaction "fausse" si on lui fait un tour qu'il connaît (par contre, si on sait à l'avance qu'il est magicien, on peut sortir l'artillerie lourde pour le bluffer, parce que si lui se montre étonné, ça va renforcer l'idée auprès des autres que vous êtes bon 😁). Mais sinon, oui, justement, quand on est un magicien qui assiste à la prestation d'un autre magicien : tout faire pour que sa prestation se passe au mieux (applaudir quand il faut, etc.), ça me semble être le minimum de savoir-vivre.
    • Autant d’affirmations battues en brèche dans cette vidéo de Monsieur Phi intitulée : « Enthoven vs. ChatGPT : QUI EST L'IMPOSTEUR ? »  
    • Hello tout le monde, Petit retour sur la conférence que Matthieu a donné dans notre club à Amiens, qui n'était pas exactement la même que celle de Virtual Magie, a priori, mais il y a eu certains éléments en commun tout de même. Pour résumer, tous les participants ont été em-bal-lés. La thématique était "Cartes, pièces, mentalisme : faire le maximum d'effet avec le minimum de matériel". C'était donc très diversifié dans les effets... mais aussi dans les niveaux, puisque ça allait du travail un peu "technique" en pièces (j'insiste sur les guillemets, car ce n'est vraiment pas si difficile que ça en a l'air si on se donne un peu la peine de travailler : c'est ce qu'il a fait pour "Chorégraphie des main" : un ensemble limité de techniques qui permettent ensuite tout un tas d'effets) à des idées de présentation en mentalisme faisables par tous, en passant par des tours de cartes allant du relativement simple au semi-automatique. L'idée de base était plus ou moins toujours d'avoir un nombre limité de techniques efficaces associées à des astuces de présentation pour une efficacité maximale. Je crois que tout le monde est reparti avec quelque chose : un tour, une technique, une idée (si ce n'est les trois). J'ai même entendu certains de nos membres qui, physiquement, ne peuvent vraiment pas faire grand chose de technique (handicap, âge...) dire qu'ils allaient refaire tel ou tel tour (ce qui, personnellement, m'a fait infiniment plaisir). Matthieu est très pédagogue et prend le temps de répondre à toutes les questions (et il y en avait beaucoup tant tout le monde semblait intéressé). Enfin, c'est peut-être un détail, mais quand on va voir une conférence, on aime souvent bien être un peu bluffés aussi et ce fut le cas (notamment avec la magie des pièces de Matthieu, particulièrement impressionnante en live). Il y a eu pas mal de "Wow !" dans la salle (et même, à un moment un "Excuse-moi, est-ce que tu peux le refaire ? Juste pour le plaisir des yeux !" 😁) Bref, c'est un conférencier que je recommande à tous. Je n'ai pas vu la conférence VM, mais cela m'étonnerait fort qu'elle ne soit pas intéressante vu ce que j'ai vu ce week-end.
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