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Jean-Louis JULLIEN

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    Carnoux (13) / FRANCE

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    close up, Magie pour enfants

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  1. Je vends en un seul LOT 2 livres en anglais de Michael AMMAR Etat impeccable 1 The Magic of Michael AMMAR Let L Publishing ( épuisé) 2 Un exemplaire lecture Notes au prix de 95 € net (livraison incluse en point Mondial Relay.)
  2. Livre épuisé en anglais Etat impeccable ( quasi neuf) 80 e FDPI In Robin's Nest he recalls a youthful mistake and the miracle that resulted from it. In Breaking Bread he resurrects an ancient Middle-Eastern ritual that produces an astonishing result and a humorous observation on the leaders of movements. In The Treasure Hunt a woman makes a dream-journey to foreign lands that eventually leads her to just the right message to discover an elusive treasure. In Countermanded someone receives a chilling message from the spirit world, and the unexpected ability to find humor in it. In The First Mystery the true meaning of the events in the Garden of Eden is revealed with only six illustrated cards and an old sock. An old puzzle, the Bashful Lock, becomes a metallic con game. A color-changing knife becomes the instrument for telling a tale of love and tragedy. Three coins bring together a collector with the ghost of Judas. Etc..
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