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coffret Looch collector: Black project

Grégory LCMBL

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Bonjour à tous,

Je revends donc ce coffret collector (numéro 144/400) et épuisé, en parfait état (voir photo ci-dessous). Faire offre.

Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas le black project de Looch, en voici la description faites par l'auteur à l'époque de sa sortie en 2015:

"The Black Project: DECLASSIFIED 

It is with an absolute sense of pride & satisfaction that I can finally write these words…


The Black Project is ready for release!


What is The Black Project? 

The Black Project represents a full decade of my life experience. It documents my metamorphosis from an eager hobbyist into a multi award-winning mind reader & mentalist. 

It shares not only some of my most closely guarded secrets from both close up and stand up performances, but a wealth of my personal philosophy – insights gleaned from repeat paid performances that have shaped my thoughts and refined my approach to mentalism.


There is so much that I wanted to share that this book, spanning nearly 600 pages, is actually two volumes - beautifully presented in deluxe bound embossed hardcovers, complete with a matching slipcase. 

Within The Black Project, you'll find an array of painful and funny performance memoirs and the lessons they taught me. My approach to opening a walk around set, my tips on negotiating your fees and the business of mentalism, along with the methods to many of the things I am best known for – including Influence, Enigma, A prediction which fooled the police that had been secured in their evidence room for 24hrs, The Score (heralded as the best method for the Bank Nite plot ever), Peek-A-Choo, The Subliminal Force, Cue & Hay, and much, much more.


Already being hailed as the release of the year The Black Project will, in addition to the books, also include performance footage, audio interviews, mind reading memoirs, and other downloadable content. 

Limited to 400 copies worldwide 




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