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Russian Roulette Combo de Five of Hearths de Colin Rose


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Russian Roulette Combo de Five of Hearths (Colin Rose)
Smash and Stab + Bish Bash Bosh complet
Taille : Jumbo - Sans gobelets
Descriptif :


'Russian Roulette' is a favourite of Magicians and has been for many years...with a number of High Profile Magicians using this theme as a signature feature to their act...the element of danger & sheer anticipation that hangs in the air during any of these suggested performances, (whether it is a Sharp Spike, a borrowed Watch or a Chocolate Egg) can be relied upon to add all the key elements to a successful and exciting show ...offering audience participation and visual entertainment at its best!

This New Professional Combo Set combines the three popular performances of 'Smash & Stab' & 'Bish Bash Bosh' (Stage & Cabaret) allowing you to use the same set of discs with the added disc of your choice...where the danger element of the aluminium spike is not suitable can now choose the Egg Cup for your younger audiences , or the Disc with a turned recess in the centre where a borrowed watch for example could be placed for Corporate or Adult Cabaret Shows. All of the discs are taken from the same issue of wood blank (Sapeli), which results in the best continuity for the graining of the wood and the set will all match beautifully which ever finale you want to use in your show...this flexibility and choice offers a number of different shows using the same 'prop' making it ideal for Cruise Workers with luggage & space limitations, also for the busy 'workers' who offer both Children's Shows and Adult Shows all in the same day!

You Receive:

6 x 4.5" Discs including (Spike,Egg Cup & Recess Discs),Mallett (For the Bish Bash Bosh Routine),2 x Display Signs,1 x Disc for the Display in Use,Set of Number Cards, Sleeve of 120z Polystyrene Cups, presented in a Red Corduroy Bag for storage when not in use...

* Three Complete Shows In One Red Bag...Ready to Go!

250 euros

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