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2 tarot readers deck de Mateo Filippini

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2 tarot readers deck de Mateo Filippini et un tarot de Marseille


 The Reader’sTarotDeck is the perfect Major Arcana Deck for the mystery artist! Each card is deviously marked on the back!

Now mentalists, magicians, readers and bizarre magick performers have a new fantastic tool to include in their working arsenal.

The creator behind the Reader’s Deck is Matteo Filippini, an Italian musician and magician/mentalist; not only Matteo has been played with some legendary musicians (members of bands like Deep Purple, Ac/Dc, Scorpions and more) for the last 15 years, he also is a magic and mentalism scholar and performer.  In the last few years he wrote several books about magic and mentalism and did many lectures in Italy. 

The Reader’s Tarot Deck includes all the 22 Major Arcana cards with a special marked back, so useful for the magic performer. The marking system is both very simple and totally undetectable by the untrained eye of a lay person! The face of the cards reproduces the marvellous 1889 Oswald Wirth’s Tarot design with its ancient and magical look. 

Matteo decided to call it Reader’s Tarot as he thinks it can be just the perfect tool for any reader out there. And, you know, Tarot cards are possibly the best reading oracle around, with their innate mystical power. 

The cards are printed on high quality card stock.  The printing and the colours are 1st class. Each card measures 70mm x 121mm (standard Tarot size) and has been deviously and ingeniously marked on the back!

Along with the 22 cards of the Major Arcana (and a couple of additional gaffed ones) you will receive another special one. It will be a tarot size “crib” depicting all the symbols of the marking system of your Reader’s Tarot Deck.

You will learn all the symbols in no time as they really are simple and intuitive. And we guarantee that layman people are not gonna notice the different symbols on the backs! Matteo says: “I’ve been using a prototype deck with the system during my one on one performances for some time now and it’s completely invisible to the untrained eyes!”

You will enjoy your new Reader’s Tarot Deck.



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