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The Gypsy Thread dvd avec livre- Gary Ouellet

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The Gypsy sujet dvd avec livre- Gary Ouellet

🔥 20 € - PORT AVEC SUIVI COMPRIS (France) - Paiement Paypal


🚨 Learn the real work behind one of the most popular tricks of all time - and one of the few close-up effects that is often used by grand illusionists in their full evening shows. The Gypsy sujet is perfect for your close up act, your next television appearance, or your current illusion show.


➡ Thanks to modern advances in ultraviolet lighting this trick can be performed in the largest theatrical venues and still be amazing.


➡ Learn the exact methods that Gary Ouellet taught to Hans Klok, Alain Choquette, Kirby Van Burch, Steve Wyrick and other performers who use this masterpiece to close their full evening stage shows!


➡ Learn the real work on preparing the sujet so that the trick works each and every time, learn the secrets of dramatic presentation, and learn all about the proper materials to use.

You will see early and recent performances by Alain Choquette on various themes, plus Kirby Van Burch.


➡ DVD en anglais avec livre


‼️PRIX NEUF sans port : 30€


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