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Classic Studebaker - Peter Studebaker

🔥 15 € - PORT AVEC SUIVI COMPRIS (France) - Paiement Paypal


🚨 Master corporate entertainer Peter Studebaker finally surfaces from magic's underground just long enough to share some of the inner secrets of one of the field's most lucrative specialties.

➡ His routines are practical, effective and entertaining. In this DVD he reveals his pet routines. No "pipe dreams" here. These are solid, workable, entertaining routines suitable for laymen, yet many will fool well informed magicians. Most of the methods are easy and accessible. Now you can see and learn reputation building effects from a top professional.

In this intimate teaching DVD, you will see Peter demonstrate his pet routines flawlessly. He share with you his methods and performing philosophies that have carried him to the top of his field.

Learn the Longhorn Paper Tear. An ultra clean torn and restored cigarette paper. The cleanest handling of all. Can be performed surrounded.


➡ Lotto Cash - a handful of lottery tickets changes instantly into a handful of money! This a new twist to change paper into cash. Strong visual with an emotional impact.

➡ Chain Letter - a multiple card prediction that is a real commercial stunner (one of the most commercial frameworks ever devised for Bob Hummer's cunning Exclusion Principle)

➡ Cold deck Ace Production and Peter's Rollover Aces - Yes this will become your favorite deck control demonstration. After watching this they will never play cards with you again.

➡ I.R.D. (Information Retrieval Device) - a killer version of Triumph using a rubber-banded deck! A strong commercial card trick suitable for cocktail walk around and Corporate Trade Show environment.

➡ Every effect is richly structured to negate any and all dead-time, and filled with the kind of handling touches that elevate simple tricks to the level of stand-alone showpieces!


This DVD contains a bonus "bit of business" section that will enhance your presentation with comedy and laughter.

CLASSIC STUDEBAKER is overflowing with real-world magic from one of its finest purveyors!


➡ DVD en anglais - Doublage son en français


‼️PRIX NEUF sans port : 30€






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